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Superior Door Service now supplies and installs low energy operators by DC Controls!


  • surface-mounted
  • ​integrates to any security system
  • ​adjustable closing speed and time delay
  • ​fire and life safety compliant
  • power requirements: 120VAC @ 60 Hz

Operator Types:

  • Single - One Header, One Operator
  • Twin - One Header, Two Operators working simultaneously
  • Dual - One Header, Two Operators working individually

​​The DC7000

​A quiet, reliable and safe low energy swing door operator, designed for high performance. All components are made of heavy duty components and made in the USA! It's quiet enough for any small business, yet strong for high traffic areas.


  • Acceleration/Deceleration Control
  • On/Off/Hold-Open Switch
  • Open Speed Control
  • Adjustable Obstruction Sensing 
  • ​Adjustable Torque Limiting
  • ​Built-in Power Supply
  • ​Easy Installation and Adjustment
  • Push Plate Switches Available