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The coating structure consists of a layer of zinc superimposed on a thin alloys layer consisting of both iron and zinc. The solidification of the zinc layer results from crystallization of the bath metal. The resulting product is a smooth, tough and durable finish that is well suited for painting.

In industry wide testing, conducted by Intertek Testing Services, GenSteel doors were Number One for corrosion resistance during salt spray tests.  (Test performed as per ASTM B-117-03). 

The Durability of Galvannealed Steel ​​
​Galvannealed steel is coated with a Zinc-Iron Alloy by a process known in metallurgical technology, as the Hot-Dip Process. This process consists of passing cold reduced sheet steel in coil form continuously through a pot of molten zinc. The zinc coating is what protects the steel against corrosion.

This protection acts in two ways.  The zinc acts as a shield between the base steel and the atmosphere and when the base steel is exposed, such as at sheared or blanked edges, the zinc acts as a galvanic protector, sacrificing itself in the presence of corrosive elements.

​​Our hollow metal doors and frames are provided by GenSteel and are made from high quality galvannealed steel.